Presenting the Bombers of Harris...

Worn by dukes, kings, and film stars, Harris Tweed has remained fashionable since its creation 150 years ago. While we may live in a time where mass production is common place, this unique cloth is still woven by hand solely on the Island of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

To this day, no single company can own Harris Tweed  and it is protected by an Act of Parliament. It belongs, as it has always done, to the islanders.  

And it is with these same islanders that we align our values, making this special cloth most fitting for our first season dubbed "The Bombers of Harris" – a collection of beautifully handmade Harris Tweed bomber jackets.....the result is quintessentially modern!

Available exclusively online here, visit our shop to view the collection.


The Bombers of Harris